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At Antikka, we are always trying to push the envelope, in all aspects of our space. Along with a killer record collection, we also have great coffee, espresso and tea! Even further than that we have a unique way of preparing our signature cup of Armenian coffee. The beans, along with the cups we use are sourced from Armenia, and are brought to you in signature Antikka style! We put a heaping spoonful of the very finely ground coffee into a golden “jazzve” along with a proportionate amount of water. Together, we slide the jazzve into a pan of hot sand which boils the coffee over. We the pour the fresh, hot coffee into one of our one of a kind cups and serve to you, for the ultimate fix. Come try our Armenian signature blend. You won’t be disappointed.


Open for takeout only.


8AM-9PM Monday-Thursday // 8AM-10PM Friday // 9AM-10PM Saturday // 9AM-9PM Sunday

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