Roma Rush

Roma Rush

Roma Kulyk (nee Hupaliwska) is a Canadian fashion designer of Ukrainian heritage. She grew up in Montreal and started taking sewing lessons when she was 12 years old. Ms. Kulyk received various degrees from Concordia University, including Political Science, Eastern European Studies, Business Administration, Economics and Design. Upon graduation, she landed a job at The Hudson’s Bay Company where she gained experience in various areas of fashion retail

In the early 2000s, Ms. Kulyk left her corporate position to pursue her life-long dream of creating her own label. After four-years of intense planning, she opened her Toronto boutique situated on Queen St. W., housed in a fully renovated historic building. Ms. Kulyk named her label Roma Rush. The word “Rush” has many meanings to her, she hopes that her patrons would feel a certain kind of delightful rush when seeing and sporting her garments, and at the same time, this word wittily jabs at the fashion industry for its fast-moving and demanding culture.




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